Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas in Review

We had such a good holiday season this year. I love Christmas time and Dan and I had a great time with both our families and were grateful that we could be home.

Before we left Chicago, Dan and I were able to make use of our "smitten," a gift I made for Dan a couple years ago as a Valentine's Day gift.

When we were at home we were able to go ice skating on the rink in our backyard. Santa came out for a surprise visit on Christmas morning!!

We also were able to go ice skating up in Goffstown. One day Dan, Abby and I shoveled off the pond so that there was a nice large area to skate on.

We also were able to enjoy a couple days skiing. It was a beautiful day in the glades in Cannon Mountain.

Abby made us some hot chocolate cooking over the wood burning stove. I think that stove is one of the coolest things ever!

On our last day of vacation, back in Chicago, I made Dan some breakfast in bed. (I wouldn't let him eat it in bed though!) But we still enjoyed a delicious breakfast on our last day of break. The croissant is from Beans and Bagels, the coffee shop across from our apartment, and is one of the best croissants I've ever had!

Now that Christmas is over, I'm ready for spring and warmer weather! Unfortunately it's supposed to be 3 in Chicago tomorrow with a wind chill at about -29... I guess it's not spring yet!

I also completed part 1 of my new years resolution - clean out our closets! It took me a while, but now that I've cleaned the closets out, I can finally say that I feel settled in our apartment in Chicago.

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