Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting to Chicago

So I've named this blog life in Chicago, but I haven't really talked much about life in Chicago (or even updated it much for that matter). I thought I'd post a few pictures from the fall about how Dan and I first made it out here to Chicago after our honeymoon.

This is a picture of all of the stuff that Dan and I were some how able to fit in our car and bring to Chicago.

These road signs amuse me. We came across this sign in upstate New York on our trip from Boston to Chicago. When I first came to Chicago a couple years ago, I didn't understand why people gave directions using north, south, east and west. In New England, no one gives directions that way. I think this road sign explains it all.

It was great to get back to Chicago and reconnect with old friends that I hadn't seen all summer!

My mom told me one of the things we had to do was take a picture of our first meal together in our new apartment. Now this was maybe our 2nd or 3rd meal, but it was our first meal on our table and using our silver ware and everything!
After we'd been in Chicago for about two weeks, we took our first vacation together to Virginia Beach for Melissa and Tim's wedding! It was great to see them get married and be a part of their celebration. This picture of Dan, Jill and I was taken after we'd jumped into the ocean!

That's all for tonight, I'll update more later!

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